Louis Valentine Johnson is a dear friend and one of the most prolific composers I know.

Richard Altenbach is a fabulous musician as well as an awesome person.

Spencer Myer –  a world class pianist whom I am very proud to have come to know.

Golden Bough Music My dear friends Paul Espinosa and Margie Butler formed Golden Bough Music in the 70’s.

Rafter Roberts – “I played with Rafter Roberts and The Free*Stars around San Diego at top punk and alternative venues, including Che Cafe at UCSD and the world famous Casbah many times during the 90’s up until 2002 when I moved to Nevada City. Rafter is without a doubt the best musician I have ever worked with. He produced such San Diego bands as Rocket From the Crypt, Blackheart Procession and Go Go Airheart. And he formed a production company called “Singing Serpent”. Singing Serpent had offices in San Diego and New York. Another member of the Free*Stars was David Stampone who was a music critic for the San Diego Reader. David is currently a music critic for the Philadelphia Enquirer. David’s knowledge of music and musicians is endless. Yet a third member of the Free*Stars was Jim Garry. David and Jim worked with KCR radio at San Diego State during the 90’s.

“As you can see, Rafter is still a major player on the worldwide music scene”.
Some links: Rafter Roberts Bandcamp, Rafter Roberts article

InConcert Sierra Since 1946, InConcert Sierra, has been committed to bringing memorable musical experiences to the public in Nevada County, California. They believe in supporting the community with education and outreach to help bring the joy of music into as many lives as possible. Craig became involved with ISC through Monroe Lovelady and Rik Augustin.\

Archie Thompson, a dear friend, is a fabulous singer, jazz pianist and sax player. One of the most successful musicians in San Diego.