“I’ve worked with Craig on several different occasion. He’s extremely talented as a pianist, arranger and composer. He’s a caring man with a warm soul, who strives make musical magic happen for everyone. Craig also has an innate gift for creating beautiful accompaniments for singers, and is always coming up with great ideas to enrich a song. He learns music very quickly, and once he knows a song, he can usually instantly play it in any key, tempo and style, which is a marvelous gift, and a major plus for singers, especially when learning new songs. Craig also knows when to ring out with a musical accompaniment, and when to let the singer lead the way. His prowess as a composer is also quite amazing. He has written hundreds of stirring beautiful compositions in many genres. He’s also quite proficient at creating charts for singers and musicians for live shows and recordings. I feel very fortunate to know Craig, and to work with him creating and sharing music.”
~Rik Augustin


“I have had the pleasure to work with Mr. Craig Palmer over the course of the last couple years. As a recording studio violinist, performing musician and composer, I can say unequivocally that he is among the most talented musicians I’ve known.

His compositions and arrangements are well-crafted and intelligent, inspired and creative, and always thoughtfully playable. Craig is a wonderfully gifted pianist whose playing is graced by uncommon powers of improvisation – powers also evidenced by the natural, expressive flow in his writing.

Craig’s gentile, humble nature and thirst for learning In things musical further recommend him as a congenial and ready collaborator. ”
~Richard Altenbach


Craig Palmer has been a friend and colleague of mine for over 30 years. Craig is a total professional, an amazing musician and a passionate composer. I had the pleasure of working with Craig in the 80’s and we continue to collaborate to this day. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with Craig. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
~ Rick Owens – Warner Bros Studios


“I have worked with Craig Palmer for several years as an arranger for my for many of my guitar compositions. I have found Craig to be an extremely talented composer and a fine musician.  If you want to hire him for piano performance or any type of arrangements and or Finale notation of your music compostions, you should check in with him.”
~Louis Valentine Johnson